Program Overview






Being a leader in technology is often met with resistance by some teachers; however, I have gained the confidence and skills that are required to assist teachers in exploring and integrating technology into their existing curriculum.  With my prior experience and new knowledge gained through the MSET program, I will have the opportunity to demonstrate, educate, and excite my teachers about 21st Century Skills and Web 2.0 Tools.

MSET program goals met under the Leadership theme:
Students will be:
*leaders in educational technology.
*current in teaching and learning processes and practices.
*current in research technologies and designs.
*knowledgeable of current, technology-based educational tools and products.

MSET program objectives met under the Leadership theme:
Students will:
*manage instructional, computer technology systems.
*demonstrate proficiency in teaching and assessing others in the use of computers and related technologies in a variety of educational settings.
*be aware of current trends and issues in computer education, distance education, electronic communications, computer hardware and software.
*be proficient in finding, evaluating, and using current educational research to support continuous improvement in their profession.
*understand the capabilities of the computer, its impact on education, business, industry and government and will be able to adapt to, understand, and evaluate and make use of new and emerging innovations in computer and information technology.
*develop the skills needed to maintain computer programs, computer systems, and networks.
*integrate computer software, authoring tools, programming languages, the Internet, and multimedia into curriculum design and instruction.

Completed courses relating to the Leadership theme:

*CET 751 Computer Hardware and Networking Essentials
*CET  765 Leadership in Technological Change
*CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes
*CET 692 Special Topics: Network Server Deployment
*CET 726 Technology in the Curriculum
LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education