Program Overview





CET 751: Computer Hardware and Networking Essentials
Instructor: Mr. Farrell
Spring 2005

Course DescriptionA study of computer hardware and networks used in the educational setting.  Topics included hardware maintenance and upgrade, network wiring, topologies, planning, installation, and maintenance of computer networks.


Building a Computer Project

Disaster Recovery Plan
    This document contains information such as phone numbers/contact information of vendors, state contacts, techs, etc. that will be helpful to me in case of network trouble.  It also contains IP addresses, inventory information, passwords, etc. for my network; information which is essential when tracking network issues.  For security reasons, I cannot post this document to my site.

Course Reflection: This was my very first class in my plan of study!  Each assignment made me so nervous and always second guessing myself.  I had been doing some minor fixing or swapping parts from the inside of computers, but I had never researched the parts, the speeds, or compatibility of the parts.  The timing of this class was perfect for my job as I was planning on replacing 180 computers in my district.  The assignments provided me with the knowledge on what to look for and the confidence to do so.