Program Overview





CET 692: Special Topic: Network Server Deployment
Instructors: Mr. Travis Graves and Mr. John Hohn
Summer 2009

Course Description This on-campus seminar course provided instruction on Windows Server 2008, virtual components, Symantec Endpoint Protection, domain controllers, print services, Altiris Image Deployment Software, and group policies.  The instruction provided general setup and deployment recommendations from the State of South Dakota.


Class Lab Projects

Implementation of Windows Server 2008

There wasn't a graded project, however, setting up the server, creating images, and working with group policies was quite a learning experience!

Course ReflectionI was managing a Novell network; but with support being dropped, and the release of Windows Server 2008, the timing of this class was perfect!  My district didn't need the new server, however, I was allowed to take the class just for the knowledge of the software. This class provided me with a sound background in the functions of Server 2008 and Symantec Endpoint Protection, which allowed my network migration to go very well.  The manuals used during class serve was an incredible reference, one that I refer to often when working on my server, installing updates, and creating and deploying my base and gold images.