Program Overview






Great things happen when you least expect them; this is how I view my journey through the MSET Program and the opportunity to earn my Master’s!

When I started working for the Webster Area School District, the school was utilizing a Novell network.  After three years of extensive reading, trial and error with the Novell software, and transitions with Novell’s numerous add-ons, I was informed that updates and support would no longer be available.  The decision was made to upgrade the network to the newest version of Windows.  I dreaded the thought of learning yet another network and imaging software package; then DDN-IT announced that it would be teaching a two week course on Windows Server 2007 and Altiris!  This two week class was a pivotal point for me in my technology career.  After spending the first week on campus, completing hands-on labs and networking with other technology coordinators, I realized that I needed and wanted to learn more about technology.  After applying and submitting required paperwork, I was informed that a couple of previous DSU technology based classes would count towards my program.  This was an unexpected surprise!

I had mixed emotions as I started the MSET program; both apprehension and excitement.  I had many questions swirling around in my head including the following questions among others.  Will I have enough time to complete the course work?  Will I continue to meet the demands of my job?  Will I be able to be a good mom to four kids?  Will I be a good wife?  I’m proud to report that the answer to each of these questions is “yes” due collectively to good organization skills, determination, strong work ethics, and an extremely supportive family.  The courses that I completed have certainly challenged me and stressed me at times, but most of all these courses have provided me with the knowledge, ability, and confidence to fulfill my job responsibilities more effectively.  Not only has my knowledge base for technology expanded, but the collaboration among those that I have met and worked with in this program has helped me grow professionally as well.  For this, I am very grateful!

One of my responsibilities includes e-mentoring students enrolled in on-line college courses.  While completing Research Methods in Educational Technology, one of my students was having grief with his College Statistics class.  Because of the knowledge I had recently gained, I was able to effectively explain and demonstrate the solution to his problem.  Oh what a feeling that was!  Throughout my course work, I have been able to provide my students with beginning of the semester ‘tours’ of Desire 2 Learn.  When they discover that I am taking classes and utilizing the same program, their anxieties are lessened and I am able to empathize with their stress and frustration.  Yet another hidden contribution to my career made possible by this program.

This summer when I completed the culminating project of my final course, my feelings were not mixed at all; it was sheer jubilation and utter relief!  Thanks to my kids for patiently waiting for me type ‘one last sentence’, thanks to my husband for supporting and cheering me on when I thought I was at the end of my rope, and thanks to DSU for creating and providing an online technology degree opportunity.  I would never have been able to achieve this degree any other way!