Program Overview





LT 741: Introduction to Distance Education
Instructor: Dr. Molstad-Gorder
Fall 2010

Course Description:  This course is an analysis of the history, philosophy, design, and evolution of distance learning systems. Distance learning is a worldwide concept and the course uses examples from many countries to emphasize institutional, program and course design methods and approaches. The course assumes a system perspective in the analysis of distance education and the distance learner. The various components of distance learning systems are introduced and overviewed including: a) course development and design; b) course production; c) course delivery; d) learner support; e) evaluation of courses and the methods of cybernetic control of both student performance and instructional effectiveness; and f) research and evaluation of distance learning systems.


Position Paper

Final Project - Edmodo

Course Reflection:  This course provided me with a glimpse of the complexity that accompanies a distance education class.  Through our final project, Jason Sopko and I were able to create a class using Edmodo.  This was an eye opening experience for me, there were so many details that need to be addressed before our trial class could be delivered.