Program Overview





Technology Integration

As the technology coordinator, it is my responsibility to assist teachers in integrating technology into their classroom instruction.  However, technology integration is not a one size fits all category; which is a big reason that I enrolled in the MSET program.  It was my hope and goal to discover new technology tools and methods of technology integration that would benefit my teachers and school district.  I am excited and grateful to report that both goals have been achieved!  Together we will work to create student-centered rather than teacher-centered classrooms that utilize 21st Century Skills and Web 2.0 tools!

MSET program goals met under the Technology Integration theme:
Students will be:
*leaders in educational technology.
*current in teaching and learning processes and practices.
*knowledgeable of technologies and programming skills.
*knowledgeable of current, technology-based educational tools and products.

MSET program objectives met under the Technology Integration theme:
Students will:
*demonstrate proficiency in teaching and assessing others in the use of computers and related technologies in a variety of educational settings.
*be aware of current trends and issues in computer education, distance education, electronic communications, computer hardware and software.
*be proficient in the use and application of computer software.
*be proficient with a programming language.
*use telecommunications-based tools to integrate information into the classroom and the curriculum.
*integrate computer software, authoring tools, programming languages, the Internet, and multimedia into curriculum design and instruction.
*demonstrate proficiency using computer and related technologies in instruction.

Completed courses relating to the Technology Integration theme:

*LT 731 Multimedia Production
*LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education
*CET 756 Instructional Programming
*CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes
*CET 726 Technology in the Curriculum
*ED 692 Special Topics: Leadership for 1-to-1 Computing