Program Overview






The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines collaboration as working jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.  Collaborating on course work provided me with the opportunity to practice and refine an essential skill that is required of all effective educators.  When teacher's know how to collaborate, using technology, they can effectively model the skill for their students.  This theme seemed like a natural selection for me as it paralleled many of the course projects that I worked on with other students in the MSET program to complete.

MSET program goals met under the Collaboration theme:
Students will be:
*leaders in educational technology.
*current in teaching and learning processes and practices.
*current in research technologies and designs.
*knowledgeable of current, technology-based educational tools and products.

MSET program objectives met under the Collaboration theme:
Students will:
*demonstrate proficiency in teaching and assessing others in the use of computers and related technologies in a variety of educational settings.
*apply learning theory and the principles of instruction design in curricular and instructional decision-making.
*be proficient in finding, evaluating, and using current educational research to support continuous improvement in their profession.
*use telecommunication-based tools to integrate information into the classroom and the curriculum.
*integrate computer software, authoring tools, programming languages, the Internet, and multimedia into curriculum design and instruction.

Completed courses relating to the Collaboration theme:

*LT 712 Principles of Learning for Instructional Technology
*LT 716 Systematic Design of Instruction
*LT 785 Research Methods in Educational Technology
*CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes
*CET 747 Web & ITV-Based Applications of Distance Education
CET 765 Leadership in Technological Change